Milestone Moments

Importance of Milestones

Milestones are important stages in your child's development that give you certain things to watch out for in your child's behavior. Understanding what your child should be able to do as they mature will help you notice any signs of developmental delays. By watching how your child acts, you can learn how they develop.

Milestones by Age


2 Months

  • Starts to smile at people

  • Turns head toward sounds and people

  • Follows things with eyes, recognizes people at a distance

  • Acts bored if an activity doesn't change

  • Holds head up and pushes up when lying on tummy


4 Months

  • Likes to play with people

  • Copies movements and facial expressions

  • Cries and babbles in different ways to show emotions

  • Uses hands and eyes together

  • Holds head up steadily and can hold a toy


6 Months

  • Knows if someone is familiar or a stranger

  • Responds to people's emotions and sounds by making sounds

  • Responds to their name

  • Passes things from one hand to the other

  • Sits without support

  • Supports weight evenly when standing and can roll over both ways


9 Months

  • Has favorite toys

  • Points at things and copies sounds and gestures

  • Understands "no" and makes many different sounds

  • Plays peek-a-boo and looks for things you hide

  • Stands holding on and can get into sitting position


1 Year

  • Is shy with strangers

  • Shows fear sometimes

  • Responds to simple requests and uses simple gestures

  • Explores and can bang things together

  • Takes steps without holding on


18 Months

  • Hands things to others and plays pretend

  • May throw temper tantrums

  • Points to show someone what they want

  • Knows what common things are when they are said

  • May walk alone and run


2 Years

  • Copies others and gets excited with other children

  • Says 2 to 4 word sentences

  • Follows simple instructions

  • Sorts shapes and colors

  • Uses the stairs, throws, and kicks balls


3 Years

  • Dresses and undresses self

  • Takes turns and shows many emotions

  • Says their name and age

  • Carries on a conversation for 2-3 sentences

  • Can turn a door handle and pages in a book one at a time

  • Climbs and rides a tricycle


4 Years

  • Enjoys new things and is more creative

  • Cooperates with other children

  • Talks about what they're interested in

  • Tell stories and sings songs from memory

  • Understands counting and plays board games

  • Hops on one foot and catches balls


5 Years

  • Wants to please and be like friends

  • Can tell what is real and what is make-believe

  • Speaks clearly and uses future tense

  • Can copy shapes, numbers, and letters

  • Uses a fork, spoon, and possibly a knife

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